2020 Events

We are not going to let 2020 define our lives with sickness, economic crisis and division.

This Fall we begin telling a new story that will define our church, and define this year-

September: 30 Days of Prayer
October: 30 Days of Kindness
November: 30 Days of Gratitude
December: 30 Days of Giving

2020 Christmas Giving Trees

This year we’ll be supporting two families from Sand Creek Elementary School and we’ll be stocking the Cien Fuego medical clinic in the Dominican Republic. Brooke Bartelson, who is serving at the clinic with Students International, will be here for Christmas to personally pick up, pack up, and take the supplies with her!

You can stop by the church during office hours or at worship to pick up an ornament off one of the trees.  Each ornament has listed one item for purchase.  (We will have limited office hours until further notice so please contact us before stopping by.)

If you can not join us in worship or stop by the church in person you can pick an item for donation through our online signup page and send the gift through the mail back by the due date.

Cien Fuegos Giving Tree:

Cien Fuegos Wish List
Please do not wrap your items for Cien Fuegos.  These gifts need to arrive to the church no later than December 21, 2020.

Mail to address:
Connections Church
c/o Cien Fuegos Giving Tree
2121 Dad Clark Drive
Littleton, CO 80126

Sand Creek Families Giving Tree:

Sand Creek Families Wish List
Please include the Family letter and the child’s number on the gift card (you can usually do this when you’re ordering online). These gifts may also be wrapped and need to arrive at the church by December 13, 2020.

Mail to address:
Connections Church
c/o Sand Creek Elementary Giving Tree
2121 Dad Clark Drive
Littleton, CO 80126