“Invest in eternity.”

Why give?  Because…

  • Giving is worship- we give back to our God who gave everything for us, even his own life.
  • Giving is essential- every serious Christ-follower should have a plan to give, save and live. If you need help with creating a budget we’d be happy to help.
  • Giving is holistic- we give our time, talents and “treasures” for service to God.
  • Giving is mission- we have work to do to share and it takes capital to get it done.
  • Giving is easy. You can give during the Sunday service or online!

Option One:  Electronic Transfer

You use it daily to pay family and friends with NO FEES.  Now use it to give to Connections with NO FEES!  Use  Zelle, SurePay, or QuickPay.  Simply add Connections as a transfer recipient using (FYI, your bank may notify you that Jayne Tien is the administrator of the Connections account.  It’s cool, she’s our Finance Director.)

Option Two: Give Online

Donate Online 

(Online giving through Stripe costs us 2.3% per transaction, so we prefer the electronic transfer method to make the most of your giving.)

Option Three: Set up an automatic gift through your bank

Most banks offer free online banking tools to their customers, or they can send a check on your behalf directly to our church every month.  Your bank will need to know Connections’ address and phone number. No account number is necessary.  If it is, just ask us, and we’ll help you set it up!

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