Summer Mission Trip

Jicarilla Apache Nation Reservation in Dulce, NM

Summer Bible Camp

When:  June 2-7. Some people may leave Saturday, June 1, to get there early, worship at the church on Sunday, and begin setting up for our Bible Camp. The rest of us will leave Sunday after worship from Connections and should arrive by 7 pm for a late dinner and team meeting.

Some people will depart after camp on Wednesday, about noon. The rest of us will finish up camp on Thursday and clean up. We will depart Friday, planning for a stop at the Great Sand Dunes National Park.

Our Purpose: We will be running a “Bible Camp” for children on the reservation, Monday through Thursday. (Sunday and Friday will be travel days.) Breakfast is served at 8 am. Camp runs from 9 am to 12 pm, with lunch served afterwards. (Getting a healthy meal is a big deal for most of these kids.) The afternoons are reserved for visitation, sight-seeing and relaxation.

Volunteer needs:

  • We will definitely need help with running camp and ministering to the children.
  • We will definitely need cooks to do shopping in advance and to oversee meal preparation for the team and the kids.
  • There may be some need and opportunity for manual labor around the church facilities.

Cost:  $50 Deposit due April 21. Approximate total cost will be $100 due at the time of the trip.

Accommodations:  Our host is the Jicarilla Reformed Church and Rev. Brad and Robin Kautz. We sleep in the church, on the floor, so bring a cot or inflatable mattress, and a fan.

Meals:  Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided Monday through Thursday.

Travel:  The intention is to carpool together using participants vehicles. We’ll see what happens as our team comes together. Please plan to pack a lunch or buy food for yourself on the trip down, and back.

Write for more information or to register.