Psalm 23 Bible Study

Women’s Study: Online Tuesdays @ 7pm

Men’s Study: On Campus Wednesdays @ 8am

Step 1: Register with Rightnow Media
This is very easy and has no obligations.
Rightnow Media is offering free limited access to their library of bible studies.  You don’t need to pay or put in any credit card information.
(In fact, you can watch as many videos as you desire and have time!)


Step 2: Find “Psalm 23” taught by Matt Chandler
– add to queue

Step 3: Download and Print the Study Guide
If you don’t have a printer come by the church office and we’ll make you a copy. (Or you can use the Rightnow Media App if you want to do this on your phone.)

Step 4: Register

Step 5: Do you Homework
and Join the Discussion Each Week

OK, pay attention now-
You will watch the video
and complete the Lesson Study Guide
for each week.

Then you will join in the Group Discussion,
via Google Meet or on Campus. (You’ll get a link sent to you via email each week.)

Your Group Leader will use the Group Discussion Handout to lead your conversation.

To be clear-
You are to watch the video and complete the Study Guide in preparation for weeks lesson.  Capeesh?

Week of May 18- Introduction
Week of May 25- Lesson One
Week of June 1- Lesson Two
Week of June 8- Lesson Three
Week of June 15- Lesson Four
Week of June 22- Lesson Five
Week of June 29- Lesson Six

So, if you’re in:
1. Register for Rightnow Media
2. Add Psalm 23 to your queue
3. Download/print the Study Guide
4. Register for a Group Discussion

Then wait for your invite to the Group Discussion!