With Us: The D.T.R.
February 17, 2019

With Us: The D.T.R.

Passage: Luke 10:38-42
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Worship songs: Your Love Awakens Me, Stand In Your Love, You Deserve It All, Reckless Love

Connection Group Questions:

The message started with an explanation of the "D.T.R." Have you ever had a DTR with someone that you'd share with the Group? More importantly, have you had the DTR with Jesus? If not, maybe today is the day.  Discuss!

Read Luke 10:38-42

Are you aware of the stereotypes about being a "Martha" or a "Mary." If so, discuss. Is this a fair stereotype to use with people? Have you been labeled a Martha or a Mary?

This is really a story about bucking the cultural norm of discipleship and sitting at the feet of Jesus- the DTR: Dust of The Rabbi. This is also about being "distracted, worried and upset." What is distracting you from being with Jesus? What is worrying you and sapping your faith? What is upsetting you and pushing out the fruits of the Spirit? How can you choose the better thing that won't be taken away, to simply sit in the Dust of The Rabbi?