With Us On the Other Side
January 27, 2019

With Us On the Other Side

Passage: Mark 5:1-20
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Worship songs: Every Beat, Jesus Paid It All, God I Look To You, Yes I Will

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Last week Jesus called his disciples "to the other side." Crossing over is a scary adventure, and full of storms. Many Christians have discovered that they must leave the place where Jesus first called them to leave, and go with him, to another place. What/who did you encounter when you left? Did the people you leave behind understand? Abandon you? Judge you?

Read Mark 5:1-20 Once they get to the other side things get even scarier! The man they encountered was living among the dead, possessed, out of his mind, harming himself, dangerous to others. This is the condition of many of God's children: are you, or anyone you love, "living among the dead," possessed or addicted to something dangerous or even evil, harming themselves or harming others? Discuss how you, or someone you love, needs deliverance. The people of the region ask Jesus to leave. Why do they reject deliverance? How do people today reject Jesus?