With Us in the Valley
February 3, 2019

With Us in the Valley

Passage: Mark 5:21-43
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Worship songs:  Grateful, One Thing Remains, Here As In Heaven, God I Look To You

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Read Mark 5:21-43 This is a story within a story. Two miracles. It's about faith, healing and even resurrection. Have you experienced or witnessed a healing miracle? if so please share. With the woman Jesus draws a direct connection between her healing, her faith, her telling the truth, and his blessing of peace.  Discuss the connections between faith and healing and telling the truth. With Jarius and the girl Jesus encourages more faith (Don't fear. Just believe.) Are fear and faith incompatible?

Both stories show Jesus touching the unclean and commending more faith. How can we go to the metaphorically unclean today? How can we put our faith in action and impress Jesus?  This week do something that requires faith and try to impress Jesus!