January 5, 2020


Passage: 1 Corinthians 9:19-24, Philippians 3:10-14
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"Stand firm, and you will win life!""
Luke 21:19

We all know that most New Year's resolution fail miserably.
We have the best of intentions,
but seem to lack the will power.

What if I told you there was an almost fail-proof way to make positive changes in your life in almost every area of life?
Well, there is.

I know this is starting to sound like a "self-help" infomercial.
But the answer is actually completely the opposite.
Because we can't seem to help ourselves.
We don't have the will power or resolve to change.

So here's the life hack for real change...

Don't try to change yourself.
Don't try to change yourself...
Get help from God and others!

People who are actively involved in a worshiping community report a growing relationship and faith in God.
I know, shocking!

But there's more-
people who make the time to be in a small group report even greater gains. In fact, it's almost impossible to be in a group and not grow in faith.

But there's more-
People who are active in worship and a small group community are more likely to have a vibrant personal prayer life, and read the scriptures more regularly.
(You can read the research on Lifeway.)

It's seems almost counter-intuitive in today's "me-centric" culture. Shouldn't personal faith lead to group faith lead to church involvement? But it all seems part of the big-picture of being creatures made in the image of God...
it's all connected!

Each commitment compliments the other;
We worship together.
We get to know one another.
We grow as individuals.

Of course I hope you will want to grow in Christ in 2020.
I know that making worship, groups and service your priority will have profound impact on your faith.

I believe, because I have experienced it myself-
you will grow in Christ
and grow into the person Christ is calling you to become!

This week I'll be posting some other helpful tools for 2020 on Social Media. Here's the summary:

What seven words do you want to describe your life?
(For example, naming generosity as a goal profoundly shapes how you will budget and make money decisions.)

What your win in your most important relationships?
(For example, my win in marriage is Philippians 2:3, "In humility value (Robin) above yourself."

What's your win in finances?
What's your win in work/education?
What's your win in health?
What's your win in faith?

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