Sloth vs. Diligence
March 17, 2019

Sloth vs. Diligence

Passage: Romans 12:11
Service Type:

Worships songs: Open Up the Heavens, Raise a Hallelujah, Faithful to the End, Jesus We Love You

Sermon Notes:

"Do not be slothful in zeal, be fervent in spirit, serve the Lord." -Romans 12:11

  • Sloth Definition: "Acedia," literally "without care"
  • Also a 2 or 3 toed mammal found in Central and South America
  • Symbolized by the Goat and the color indigo
  • Traditionally, the first of the deadly sins
  • Traditional punishment: thrown into a pit of snakes (FYI, not part of our church beliefs!)
  • Directly violates the greatest commandment by not caring enough to love God or neighbor, or even self.

Connection Group Questions:

Read Romans 12:9-13 and discuss:

  • How have you been slothful with your work?
  • How have you been slothful in your relationships with people?
  • How have you been slothful in your faith walk with God?

Read Matthew 11:28-30.  What is the yoke of Jesus, and how does this relate to our mission and vocations?

This week, when you are tempted to say "Whatever," or "I don't care," let that be your cue to shift and ask, "Why do I care so much that I want to disengage? What does love compel me to work for in this situation?"