God Is Closer Than You Think
February 24, 2019

God Is Closer Than You Think

Passage: Judges 6-7
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Worship songs: Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble, Stand In Your Love, Build My Life, Who You Say I Am

Connection Group Questions:

The message began with the image of the Sistine Chapel. Do you sense yourself pulling away from God, or at times indifferent? How does it strike you that God seems to be straining toward us in this painting, and throughout the stories of the Bible?

Gideon's story is told in Judges 6-8.

Verses 1-6 finds the people in sin and hard times. How has God used difficult circumstances or mistakes we've made to draw us closer?

Verses 7-12 God calls to Gideon, and calls him "Mighty Warrior" while he's in hiding. How or what have you been hiding from God? God sees the real you, a mighty warrior. How do you see yourself?

Verses 13- 24 God reveals Himself to Gideon, and Gideon is afraid. Have you looked upon God and felt fear, or found empowerment?

Verses 25-32 we find Gideon cleaning house and kicking out false gods. Do you need to do any house cleaning before God sends you on your mission?

Verses 33-40 is the famous fleece passage. God is incredibly patient, and gracious, to Gideon. How is God being patient with you, waiting for your obedience?

Chapter 7 tells the battle story. How will you trust in God that the battle's already been won?