Divine Decrees Part 2
August 11, 2019

Divine Decrees Part 2

Passage: Exodus 20:1-21
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"Do You Love Me? Circle one:
Yes. No. Maybe. "

If you're as old as me you remember passing notes in class.
The scariest note was always the big ask:
"Do you like me?"
Yes. No. Maybe.

Last week we learned that we don't have to wonder if God likes us.
In fact we know He loves us!

He heard his people cry for help.
He rescued them.
He declared his love for them and delivered them.

After that show of love came the law.
Thus the law shows us how to life in a relationship of love with God!

We barely got through the introduction.
We need to go back to the commands,
break them down,
and learn how to live in love with the God who rescues us!