Next Steps

So, you came to a worship service. Maybe even committed to the “Take Five” challenge. You’re feeling pretty good about the worship and the other people at Connections. So what now? What’s next? Two things:

First, we want you in a circle, that is a Group. Getting involved in one of our at-home Connection Groups or an on-campus Bible Study is the best way to really get connected. We’ll know your name. You’ll learn some new names. Your leader provides you a direct line for church communication and care. And most of all, we know you’ll grow. Your faith will stall without other people. Your faith will invariably grow when consistently and intentionally engaged with others in the body of Christ.

Second, we believe you have a role to play here at Connections. Every Christian, the Bible teaches, is given gifts to share with the church and in service to the world. We have some teams that help us do what we do here at Connections. And we have some teams that help us go out and love our community. Our serving teams are quite varied and unique. Just like the people who are a part!



Need Help?


If you’re still not sure about your Next Step, let us help you.  Contact us with your questions, it is the best part of our day!

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