Covid 19 Update

“The church has left the building.”

We’ve been saying it all along.
The church is not a building or a meeting.
The church is body of Christ,
led by the Spirit,
empowered with gifts,
filled with fruitfulness,
sharing the good news of Jesus Christ
to every person of every nation over all of creation.

Church has NOT been cancelled.
But how we do church is changing.
We have shut down campus activities,*
and will focus our mission to online programs.


Join us Sunday mornings at 9:30 am online for a live stream of the worship service.

Online Service


Connection Groups are utilizing online platforms like Google Meet, Zoom or GoTo Meeting to meet together online throughout the week. Contact your Group Leader or contact our church to get connected-

Connection Groups


Like and follow us on , Instagram and @myconnectionschurch. We are posting daily content and creating community through our social media engagement.

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We are so blessed to have a building that is paid in full!
Seriously, Praise Jesus!!

But we still have bills to pay, programs to support and staff that depend on their income from the church. Any gift of any amount can be an act of worship and a blessing to our mission.

Give to Connections Church


If you or someone you know is in need, let us know. Perhaps we can help.
For general inquiries:
For prayer:
For assistance:

* We will have limited office hours during until further notice. If you do need to see someone at the church we recommend you call ahead, 303-791-2134.