Community Gardens

Welcome to our Community Gardens!

Connections Church provides a unique ministry to the Highlands Ranch community through an on-campus Garden Ministry.  The Community Gardens consist of raised bed boxes, each 4’ by 8’, with its own irrigation drip system.  They contain all organic soil and are the perfect place to grow produce with full sun all day long.  The gardens are open to anyone who would like to try gardening the organic way!  We are mostly full for this summer but please contact our Head Gardener, Bonnie at if you want more information or to be involved in the Farm to Table Project.

The Farm to Table Project is an extension of the Community Gardens where we keep a few garden plots set aside for growing food for our community.  Volunteers are always welcome for those who would like to garden but not have the commitment of a individual box.

Garden Kickoff: Saturday, May 16, 3:00 – 4:30 pm

Barbara, from Grow Local Colorado, is our guest speaker and will give us some great ideas on how to get started and will answer your ‘how to garden’ questions.  Grow Local Colorado is a group of volunteers dedicated to grow and share fresh produce with and for those in the Denver area who lack access to healthy food.  (

Due to social distancing guidelines, this will be a ‘google hangout’ event and an invitation will be sent to all our registered gardeners.  Others are welcome to join in as well.  Please email Bonnie at for an invite.

We will have some great raffle giveaways as well as a time to touch base on other questions you have regarding our gardens.

Message from Pastor George on the purpose for the Garden Ministry

The earth and everything in it, the world and its inhabitants, belong to the Lord. – Psalm 24:1

In the beginning God created a garden and called us to be stewards. We are responsible to cultivate the creation in such a way that God is glorified, neighbors are blessed, and the world itself is honored as God’s handiwork. And as stewards we will one day give account. We hope our Lord will look at what we’ve done and say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

In light of this high calling to creation care, I can think of no better ministry of our church that embodies the fullness of our mission- to connect with God, one another and our world.

Our community gardens give us the opportunity first to connect with the world- the literal dirt of creation to cultivate and bear good fruit. And we pray that you will truly enjoy the fruits of your labors and bear crops of delicious, nutritious and ecologically sound foods.

But right there in the name is another part of our mission- community. We pray that this garden will simultaneously cultivate new and deeper relationships with one another. Talk with your “plot” neighbors, share information, and even share in the harvest and gather together for our feasts!

And lastly we believe that all of life is worship, not just one hour Sunday morning in a sanctuary. We pray that your gardening is an act of worship of God, recognizing the Creator, embracing your role as a steward, and understanding how you bear His image.

It’s a rather lofty vision for a couple of raised boxes of dirt. But my friends and fellows stewards, never doubt that big things come from small beginnings. A great tree grows from a tiny seed. Now may you cultivate a garden that brings glory to God, grows a community of neighbors, and bears abundant fruits to nourish and enjoy.

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