On Campus Worship

Sunday Service at 9:30 am


Things have changed.  Here’s what to expect:

First: Thou Shall Register Your Attendance

The first and most helpful thing you can do is to simply pre-register yourself (and your family) for worship.  This will allow us to prepare for your arrival.



What if I don’t register?
That’s OK.  If there’s space you can join us.  Everyone who joins us for worship will be required to check-in when you enter the building.

Second: Thou Shall Wear a Face Mask

We ask that everyone wear a face mask, while you enter and exit.  We have masks available.

Third: Thou Shall Mind the Arrows

We will control the foot traffic with arrows directing you in and out of the building.

Fourth: Thou Shall register thy children

Children are most definitely welcome!  We have a children’s ministry for kids ages 2-12.  Unfortunately we do not have a staffed nursery at this time.  Your children are welcome to stay with you in the worship service.  We really don’t mind babies- they are part of the church too!

Fifth: Thou Shall Hold It (if possible)

We get it, nature calls.  But try to answer at home before and after the service.  The fewer people in the bathrooms the better.

Sixth: Thou Shall Social Distance in the Worship Center

You’ll find groupings of chairs to accommodate your family or group.

Seventh: Thou shall not touch

Greeters will hold the doors and welcome you to worship, but there will be no hugs, handshakes or holy kisses 😉

Eighth: Thou Shall Not Pass the Plate

We have Giving Boxes available as you enter and exit the building for any in-person gifts.  We encourage you to make use of Giving Online through or the Church Center App.

Ninth: Thou Shall visit outside

We have a playground, picnic tables and shaded areas outside.  This is the best place to visit and talk after the service.

Tenth: Thou Shall Get Excited!

We are open and gathering for worship and excited!!  God is good and it is so good to be moving forward in worship, groups and service.  We thank God for His protection and provision. Our team is excited to see you this Sunday!

Pre-Registration Requirements


We welcome your attendance at worship services and other events held at Connections Church. We ask that you do not attend worship services and/or other events at if you believe you are immune compromised by age or health conditions, or if you are ill.

By registering, you and (if applicable) your family members acknowledge you are freely choosing to attend worship services and/or other events at Connections Church (CC) and agree to abide by the policies and procedures established by CC. You understand that there is a risk of contracting COVID-19 and/or other illnesses by attendance at such worship services and/or events, and you release CC from liability for any illness, loss or damage resulting from your and (if applicable) your family members attendance, regardless of cause.