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“Connect with your calling.”


Right now you can connect to nearly anybody, anything, anywhere. But for all our progress and possibilities, how many of us feel disconnected? Despite all the connections we are able to make we often live unconnected to anything, or anyone, in a meaningful way.

In an increasingly online, fast-paced, interconnected world so many are still missing the most important connections…

  • Connecting with God

    We want people to connect to God in a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Connecting with people

    We want people to connect with other people in honest and authentic community.

  • Connecting with the world

    We want people to connect to the world in service that makes an eternal difference.

Connections Church is all about connecting you to your calling in Christ.  We cultivating our most vital relationships: connecting with God, with people and with the world.  Our hope is that you will find it a place to connect as well.   Learn More >


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30 Days of Prayer

How do you pray-
Do you guard your words?
Do you make small requests?
Do ever get around to actually asking for anything specific?

You may be surprised (offended? confused?)
to learn that Jesus actually taught his disciples to pray with
“shameless audacity.”  (Luke 11:8)

Services will be streamed live Sundays at 9:30am on Facebook and reposted here on our website.

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