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Connections Church exists to connect people with Jesus, one another and our world.


Connections are all around us. We can connect to nearly anything and anybody, anywhere at any time. But for all our progress and possibilities, how many of us feel disconnected? Despite all the connections we are able to make we often feel unconnected to anything, or anyone, in a meaningful way. In an increasingly online, fast-paced, interconnected world so many are still missing the most important connection.

  • Connecting with God

    We want people to know they can connect to God in a real, personal and even life-changing way.

  • Connecting with people

    We want people to have opportunities to connect with other people in honest and authentic ways.

  • Connecting with the world

    We want people to connect to our community and the world in service that makes a difference.

Connections Church is all about cultivating our most vital relationships: connecting with God, with people and with the world.  Our hope is that you will find it a place to connect as well.   Learn More >


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The Struggle Is Real


Life can be a struggle. Sometimes we’re told to “grin and bear it.” Or “fake it till you make it.” But Jesus says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

Instead of hiding our struggles or pretending they aren’t real, Jesus wants us to come to him for answers and help. This Fall will go to Jesus with some of our most common and difficult struggles.


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Upcoming Events

Fall Fest
Fall Fest
Come join the fun – free lunch, costume parade, inflatables, free pumpkins to paint or carve or chuck and more.
“IF:Gathering” events are opportunities for women to get together on campus for a morning of video discussion from an “IF:Gathering” conference speaker, enjoy great food...
Faith Formation for Families
Faith Formation for Families
We invite you to participate with your children in a faith formation journey.